Friday, 15 December 2006

Speculation about games consoles...

Went to see happy feet with my class today. Not the best movie ever... :D. Anyway, I read about some people who were hacking the wii-mote to get it working on the PC. I tried... but failed. I think I need to update my bluetooth drivers. I heard there was going to be a recall on the straps for the Nintendo Wii Controller, not my biggest concern. I'd never be stupid enough to actually let go of the wii remote. Ah, I also got an honour on the previously mentioned wii video! WOOT! Most Viewed - Today - Video Games!! :)
And now, I'll speculate about new consoles. I reckon it'll be something even more immersive then the wii, and this time the other companies will go with it. Maybe something that interprets your body movements and puts them in the game. This worked ok with eyetoy but it wasn't the huge success that they hoped. I also think that the winner will have good connectivity with other people from around the world, via the internet. You'll be able to video chat, interact and do many other things in a sort of lobby friend style place. Sort of like the real world :). Meanwhile, it may just be another long road to reach realism, which, maybe is a good thing but to be honest, I'd prefer something a little bit more fun :D. End with a few images made by various people, these look very cool, might have a go at designing one of my own, actually. Keep checking back.

A bit... A bit...

Iz niiccceee.

I thought this was a nice little one... I think it's actually in production. I wouldn't buy it, too tacky.

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